About this Blog

Teach-Lead-Coach was born out of my daily interactions with myself and others – even sometimes on paper – about the things that are making me go “Hmm.”  Most of it stems from my work as an educator – teacher, coach, and administrator – so lots of those connections and analogies abound throughout my mental wanderings.  There’s also a dash of running talk (yes – I am a runner) and a few sprinkles of humorous odds and ends thrown in for good measure!  If you’re a person who likes to walk your own quirky path in life (and you appreciate / identify with those of us who’ve been classified as “individuals” at best and “misfits” at worst), then we have a lot in common.  And if you look for more ways to personally connect to the world and the people around you, then you’ve found a kindred spirit here.

You may not always agree with my take on things, but I hope you leave with something new to consider for yourself and – if you enjoyed the thought journey – you come back for some more!  I keep it real, but I usually see life in a pretty upbeat and funny way so my observations are definitely a bit irreverent – I don’t take myself all that seriously.  With any luck, my blog becomes a fav of yours, and if so, I hope you consider a follow.  I look forward to learning and chatting with you!