2min2coach#1 – Cornerstone of Coaching

The Teaching Point:  Although coaching is all about supporting others to reach their success goals, you have to get YOU right first.  Yep – you heard me correctly:  Get yourself right before you guide others.

The Nuts & Bolts:  What does that mean?  Well, let’s start with your health.  Make sure you’re doing positive things to keep yourself as healthy as you can, like eating right, getting exercise, sleep enough, and routinely visit medical professionals as needed to keep tabs on things.  Next, let’s check out your mind.  Are you in the right frame for your work?  Are you up to speed on all the pertinent data and information you need to be effective?  Are you prepared?  Finally, check in with your spirit and emotions.  Are you revved up or are you dragging?  Are you hopeful or feeling a bit deflated?  Take inventory and get yourself “suited up” properly before you approach the starting line.  You’ll be a better coach for your efforts, and your work with your student will get better results as well.

The Bottom Line:  You’re only as good a coach to others as you are to yourself.

Why this matters:  If you want others to see you as genuine and believable, you have to actually practice what you preach.  What you choose to do – your activities, your actions, your priorities – truly speak louder than any words you utter.

Where I Use This:  Daily.  This is my starting line everyday.  The health and mind part is a well-established habit; the spirit / emotions part is the one I’m working on.  I’ve got to say – the struggle is real.  The challenge to actually check in with myself throughout the day and make sure my frustrations are not becoming the lens through which I’m viewing everybody and everything is still a work in progress.  However, I know through experience that when I get myself right, the work I do with others becomes about our mutual journey towards a goal, rather than me just telling people what to do.  And that partnership is where all the magic happens – for everyone.