The Daily Case

Welcome to Teach ~ Lead ~ Coach:  The Daily Case!  I’ve done all three and love every minute of it!  This blog is all about those three topics – wherever you find them.  My experience comes from the field of education and sports, but I try to keep the info applicable to just about any context where you find yourself in one – or all – of these roles.

About me – I’ve been in the trenches of the K-12 education and teaching scene for the past 18 years. I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership and went from a decade of teaching in the classroom to nearly a decade as an Instructional Coach in both Middle and Elementary school levels.   Army wife, Air Force mom, runner, running coach, huge cat lover, and recreational crafter, I live and work in the Land of Oz these days.

I haven’t got all the answers, but I’m passionate about sharing what I learn with those I meet on the journey. I run on determination, LOTS of coffee, a little wine, and all the love and laughter my family and friends share with my rather intense self. Glad you stopped by – welcome to my blog!

Right now it’s just the blog, but more content is coming soon!  I look forward to learning and chatting with you!

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